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So what makes this music library different is that they offer exclusive copyright, clear music in a wide variety of different genres. If i click over to genres, you can see the different types of music tracks that they offer and what’s nice about this service is that the music is a little bit.

I want to say a little bit: it’s, really high quality quality compared to some of the free stock music services that are out there. So if you need more professional sounding music for your youtube videos or a feature film or a podcast, this is a great resource to go to another benefit about using premiumbeat is their simple licensing.

So if i click over to their licensing, you can see that they have two payment options. They have a standard license for 49 and a premium license for 199 and that’s for buying one track. Only so the standard option is great.

If you’re using it for a web-based or non-commercially distributed project, that means you can use it on youtube. You can use it for your podcast. Anything like that premium is more. So if it’s, a non-web advertisement or revenue generating content, and if you scroll down, you can get more details about where you can use the music but either way each license.

You have unlimited use, meaning you buy it once and you can use it forever now, if you buy any of your tracks, they do come. If you notice right here with a full song, loops short clips and then stems and stems mean you can edit enhance or remove individual instruments and that’s awesome.

If you just want to tweak the song a little bit, you can do that now. Let’s. Talk about the affiliate program. You can scroll to the bottom of the page and you can click on affiliate program in the footer link.

So what you’ll need to know, basically, is that they offer a 30 commission 30 revenue on all net sales and they pay out commissions via paypal or e-transfer. The affiliate program is managed by impact, so impact radius, impact.

com, and you can just click. This join now button and it takes you over to an application page that you can fill out. They do have dedicated in-house affiliate managers and they also offer an api for a native site.

Experience. Experience and dynamic premium beat search results. They also offer banners and different sizes and translate it into different languages, and they have a search box that you can also implement.

On your website now i want to quickly go over how you can make money with premium beat and just to as a reminder. They have 30 commissions. So 30 of 49 is 14.70. A premium license. Referral would be 59.

70 commission. So imagine if you’re targeting the right audience that really is in need of music to put under videos or movies or podcasts. These commissions can add up fairly quickly. Now my recommended method for making money is with a niche website and that’s, basically because they work.

I started with affiliate marketing by creating a niche website and it’s. What i continue to do today, so what type of niche website could you create to promote premium beat? Well, i did some brainstorming here, as you can see from the image below.

So what i did was i brainstormed who would be using this music and, as you can see there, i have podcasters filmmakers, youtubers, video editors and corporate videos. Then it becomes a matter of creating your niche website.

So let’s say i decided to create a niche website. I would probably target youtubers because i use youtube and i’m familiar with it, so i could create content that’s related to creating videos and recommend premium beat for musics to embed or include into a video.

I would then create content by looking up some keyword phrases and i will use free tools such as google search and its auto suggest feature, as well as a tool like keyword, tool, dot, io and answerthepublic.

com, and then the two types of content that can really help Increase conversions include, writing a product review and also creating how to posts or tutorials. So, therefore, i will create a product review of using premiumbeat and i will also create a tutorial or how-to post on how to use the music inside of a youtube, video or a podcast or some other project that you can use that type of music.

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