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So what I wanted to do today, it was literally take you, through all of the stages that you would need to go through to actually create a profitable and really helpful ebook that you could sell to any sized audience and that’s.

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So what I wanted to walk you through, as I said, was every single stage that you would actually need to go through if you are going to not just throw something together, but actually create a really profitable, really great product as an e-book that you can continue To sell as your audience grows on whatever platform you prefer.

Obviously I mentioned to selling an e-book on YouTube, but this is across the board for your business or just for your personal brand, so we’re, going to walk through each individual stage. Now I do say that most of you will probably just want to jump into stages 3 and 4, but without stages 1 & amp 2.

Your ebook is not going to be as helpful and therefore as profitable as it could be. Trust me, I’ve, worked in NPD, new product development for a few different companies, and I know that there are stages that you really do need to consider.

If you’re, creating a product in any injury, and that is not exclusive of e-books, so please make sure you do take the time to complete stages, one and two. If you are going to create a really great product so stage, one is the planning stage, and this is really important.

You really really need to think about the outcome. What your ebook is going to actually be able to achieve for people is your ebook going to be, and just purely for entertainment purposes? Is it going to create some type of result for people? Is it going to teach people things? Is it going to be an opinion paste based piece? Whatever your idea is whatever your subject matter is whatever your skill is your area of expertise.

Your passion is start to really brainstorm ideas and outcomes that you want people the purchases of that ebook to be able to achieve it’s, really important that you know this before proceeding, because what you’ll, actually find if you don’t know the outcome when you’re actually coming time to develop this product, you’ll, find yourself probably going off on a tangent and getting really lost in your own work, because you don’t know Exactly where you’re heading with what your create and therefore, if you’re confused about the product, so will be consumers and there’ll, be no testimonials there’ll, be no reviews.

No-One will continue to purchase it so making sure you actually know exactly what people are going to get out of purchasing this ebook before you even start to create it. Also with the planning stage, you actually want to start planning out what you are going to cover in this ebook.

So once you know, the entire outcome for the e-book start actually planning out the product itself. How long is the e-book going to be? Is it going to be in chapters sections phases? What is each phase going to cover? How are you going to present it? Is it going to be a workbook? Is it going to be more just a reading style book? Is it going to have pictures plan? All of those kind of smaller details out in the beginning, so you can really just start to map out each phase of this.

It’s, really going to help you when it comes time to putting it together. If you’ve got a plan for each individual section rather than starting on a blank page from page one and trying to put it together page by page.

If you got that plan there, it’s, going to be a lot easier for you to develop, and then the second stage, if you really want to create a profitable product and this isn’t just for ebooks tip. This is for any products you want to create in your business, go ahead and actually do some research go out and actually have some conversations with people and say hey.

This is my idea. This is what I’m thinking of creating. Is this going to be beneficial to you? Would you buy this? How much would you buy this for really start doing some of that consumer research, that marketing research, so that you can gather feedback and further fine-tune your product? You know it’s, amazing that you have all of these great ideas, but you really do want to get feedback, because sometimes our ideas could be better with the feedback and the responses from others so go out and with your plan with that structure That you’ve, put together and say: send it off to a couple of people being like hey.

Does this look like something that you would purchase? If not, why not? How can I make it better? Where are the gaps? Identifying the gaps in your product is really important as well so asking people where are the gaps and making sure that the feedback that you do get you’re, not getting offended by it, but you’re.

Actually, implementing that to create an even better product before you even start developing it, and now it is stage 3, which is actually the development of the product. So my preferred way to create ebooks is in canva.

Canva is actually a free program that you can use where you can create a whole range of different graphics. This is really good for anyone who isn’t necessarily design orientated or the most kind of technically designed creative type of person, because Canberra has a lot of templates that you can work off of.

You can tailor them to be your own. You can create PDF files in there and you can create them really looking a lot better than if you were just going to create this in Word and then transforming that into a PDF document.

The Canberra canva is really good, and I suggest that for anyone who is a beginner, if you are a little bit more advanced or if you are a lot better off with programs in the Adobe suite, then my suggestion would be to go with InDesign and even If you aren’t really design orientated, but your tech orientated, what you could do with InDesign is to buy a template somewhere like a creative market.

You could buy a template for a media kit or a magazine or a presentation or a annual report. Whatever kind of design that you look like and then obviously tailor the information in that to suit your ebook, but you would have to edit that in InDesign and they cut the program even for me, I find it too complicated, but I just find canva to be So much easier and so much less time-consuming.

So the options are there depending on your skill level, but my suggestion is to go with canva. So all you need to do is spend the time make sure you, through this development stage, you’re working off of that plan, still trying to get feedback as you go along as well.

I would do a first copy. Send it out to a couple of people and get feedback once you’ve done on that as well. Making sure that you are having people read it before. You actually put it together as a final, because there might be some things that you ‘

Ve explained that just don’t make sense to other people. It might be some gaps in the information because you’re, basing it on your own area of expertise and often you know more than other people do. So.

When we’re explaining things, we often leave gaps so making sure you really are having people test that making sure you’re having people proof read it. Oh my god, even coming from me. This is something that is so important, but making sure you’re having a couple of people actually proofread this document, you know you are selling this for money.

It’s, really important that you understand, even if it’s. Only five dollars that there is a level of professionalism behind this product so making sure that it is proof read that you have got it tested by people and that it is really really easy for people to understand and to enjoy once you’ve.

Actually got your finalized products with all of the feedback, and you’ve made all of those tweaks. Then you save it. All you need to do is save it as a PDF, whether you did end up creating it in Word or InDesign, or anything like that.

The best file option for you is to just save it as a PDF. Save it to your desktop. Make sure you back that up as well on an external, hard drive or the cloud you don’t want to lose your work, making sure that you save that to a PDF now the next one final stage is obviously distribution, and that is how Do you actually go about selling this? There are multiple ways, but the best to that I and recommend to anyone who does or is considering a website is to use either wordpress with the plug-in WooCommerce or to use Squarespace commerce.

So if you’re going to sell things, unsquare says you must upgrade to the commerce version. It is an investment, but again so is pretty much anything when you’re making money online. But if you’ve already got a wordpress site, then you can use the plug-in were cominis now with both Squarespace and commerce.

What you would need to do is install it, create yourself a product and both of those will have the option to create a digital product. So pretty much all you need to do is create a product. Take the front page of your ebook and use that as the product image write a description about what your ebook is about, remembering that people are out results, they don’t might also talk about the outcome.

Talk about what people can expect from the book, not there’s 94 pages with pretty pictures in it talk about what people will get if they purchase it, that’s, how to make sales and then make sure you select a digital Product for both work on us and Squarespace commerce – all you’ll need to do is upload that PDF file to your root, Commerce or Squarespace commerce.

And then, when someone does purchase that product, then they will see sent an automatic email that will be delivering them that ebook it’s, really important that you do it this way, because you can’t just have people pay you either Through PayPal, or something like that and then rely on manually sending in that product, because if you’re asleep and somebody from the other side of the world buys it, they’re gonna be pretty sucks when they don’t get that product sent to them immediately.

The final piece on that is that you do need to have a payment system for you to be able to accept those payments, both Squarespace commerce and WooCommerce, integrate with a lot of the payment systems.

But my suggestion is that you either have PayPal for business, meaning that you can accept payments on that or stripe. Now a lot of people obviously do like to pay with a PayPal account, so it is good to have PayPal, PayPal, business just charge you a fee.

It’s, 3 %. So if your ebooks $ 5, you can imagine that’s, not very much, but you do need to have the paper business account and not just a normal account, so you can set up it. That way. Strike is another really great option for you.

Sam cart is another really great option. There are multiple different integrations that you can have, but my suggestion is to have either PayPal or stripe or book. Now, once you actually do have all of this setup, you’ve.

Got your payment system set up you’ve uploaded your digital download. You’ve set the price for your ebook. You’ve, got it all ready everything’s, ready to go. You ‘ Ve got a way that people can link to it from your website, and you can put that in your YouTube description, etc.

Do make sure that you test the entire sales process yourself by either making the price zero for that test period and then purchasing yourself or even just purchasing yourself. You’ll, get the money back less fees, but making sure you’re.

Actually, testing it yourself, so everything is fluid that the digital download is being delivered to you in box and everything is smooth before you actually go out there and start promoting and that product to people they’re, making sure you are testing that fluidity Of GB payment process to get the e-book yourself before actually going out in there and promoting it.

I really hope that was helpful. I really hope that that showed you a step by step guide. I’m. Sorry, if it was boring to anyone who’s, not interested in actually creating an e-book, but those are the exact steps that you need to take to create yourself, an e-book.

You can create an e-book in anything honestly. There are so many amazing ebooks out there and you could do in like anything to do with any topic. Whatever topic you have in your heart, it could be about knitting.

It could be about the best way to treat a kitten it could be about how stop wasting food. It could be about the best ways to get fit for summer. It could be about how to create an e-book. You could create an e-book on how to create an e-book.

It could be on photography, it could be on graphic design, it could be on bird marketing business. Anything honestly just learn something use it implement it in your business and create an e-book about that.

It’s, really really not difficult. You ‘ Ve just got to do the work, so I hope that was helpful. Please do leave me in the comments. If you have any questions and you’re, not understanding any of these steps, because I’m more than happy to continually guide you through this process.


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