How To Create a Squeeze Page For FREE – Step By Step Tutorial

Squeeze Page

I’m, going to show you 2 free tools that you can use to create simple and effective. Squeeze page in just a few minutes., so the first thing you need is the host to your future email list. So I recommend you’ll use MailChimp as it’s, the only one you can use completely free up to 2,000 subscribers, and I like it the most so open an account in MailChimp.

You can just sign up free here and we ‘ Ll use it later in this video. So the first option to create a squeeze page for free is for those who already have a website that is powered by wordpress.

I recommend you to use a simple free, plugin called WP Lead Plus X. This is a great plugin for creating simple squeeze page for free with comfortable drag-and-drop interface. So let’s. Add it to our side.

Let’s. Click on plugins and then add new in the search here right down, WP Lead Plus X and you’ll, see it here, just click install now and to install and activate.. Now you can see it’s been added here at the left, so let’s, click on it and make pages.

. Now this is a simple drag-and-drop interface, so you have all the elements here on the left. To be able to add elements to your squeeze page. You need to add rows first, so let’s. Add one here now you can add a video or an image to appear in your squeeze page to add a video.

We just drag it here to the top row or to the bottom, whichever you like, then you should click on this small pencil icon to edit and you just paste here, your youtube, video URL.. You can choose to hide the title from YouTube or to hide the controls bar and if you want it to start playing as soon as someone land on your page, 49, 00:02:28,170 — & gt 00:02:36,330.

You can delete any element by clicking this icon here and then click yes, delete it.. I can add an image also to appear here. The same way just drag and drop it and click here on this edit icon and changing it.

Now you can select images you already used on wordpress or you can upload files from your computer. I’ll just use this one. For now I want to add some text below the image, so I just drag and drop this text box here.

Let’s, write something here again: click on the Edit icon and let’s, write something and I’ll center it and choose other font. Bigger font can also Bold it or change the color. If you want and that’s, it now let’s set our signup form.

As I said, you need first to add row here and then just choose form and drag and drop it here Now when you move the mouse over, you see 2 editing options. So let’s start from the form container. Click on the Edit here and here I need to put my form code, this code, I take from Mailchimp which, if you remember, we opened an account earlier.

So let’s, go to Mailchimp and see where we can find this code.. So when you’re at mailchimp, you just click here on lists. You’ll, get to this page and then you click on this arrow here and sign up forms.

Then you click embeded forms here on the Left. Choose you want to show only required field, which is the email address, and you can take those marks off. We don’t need them. We don’t need to include forum title as well.

Now you have the code here. You just copy it and go back to your plugin and paste it here now you can see the email section has been added along with the button here. So this one I won’t need the text section, so just delete it now.

You can add the text that will appear here if you move over the mouse over here, and you see this small edit button. I can write down here what I want to be shown. So your email goes here, something like that and if I want label to appear above, I can use it.

In this case, I won’t, so I’ll just leave it this way and you can edit the text on the button. As well, I’ll use watch video now and basically this is it you can play with it and add more elements. If you want, I really suggest you to keep it simple after you finish, you just click here on page and select the title for your page.

I’ll, just call it test for now and then you can click on save as page and you see the page has been saved. You can now just go to your WordPress panel and see how it looks like just go to pages, and you see here the test, page click on View, and this is the page that we have just created now.

You can sign up to see if everything works. Well, as you can see almost finished, I’ll, get a confirmation, email address to confirm there, and then I’ll, be added to the list, so it’s working and it’s connected to mailchimp.

As you can see now, the real disadvantage of this free plug-in is the background, which can only be changed in the pro version. You can add image or video For 1 site. The license costs $ 15, so it’s, not too much.

If you’re on low-budget, but I suggest to try the free version first, you can still make nice squeeze pages with it, so give it a go. Now, for those of you who doesn’t have a website, you have a solution.

I recommend you to use Wix, which is also free tool that offers you to host your page on their system, so it’s. The perfect solution. If you’re a beginner and just want to experience the process, you can find a link to join Wix here or in the description it’s totally free.

You just click here on start now, you can sign up with google or facebook or filling the details. Here. I’ll sign-in with Google. You be logged in you. Just click on create your website. Select if any suits you I’ll.

Select other and start with Wix editor. Now we need to choose a template here on the left. You have a list of templates and on the bottom, you’ll, find landing pages, which is what we need. You can select any one you like here from this list.

I’ll, go for this one. Just click on edit opens a new page loading up …. Now, first, I suggested to move the header. You just click on it and then delete it. Also, the footer just click on it and you can click on this icon here I delete them both because in the squeeze page they are not needed now.

This is also drag and drop interface, so I can just move the elements here, sort them out. However, I want so I’ll. Just do that now for a second delete. Anything you think is not needed. Just take this here.

The picture will be about here. So just organize everything the way you think it should look and delete unnecessary stuff. Now, here on the top left, you can select to change the background. You can choose a color or image or video background.

You can also upload your own. I’ll, just select here from what Wix offers for free. I’ll choose this one now also here on the top left, you have the options to add elements to the page just like before.

You have many options here. For now I’ll, add a title site title..or a page title. Doesn’t really matter. Let’s, delete this image. For now I’ll, just call it … and make it so it will appear same row and can take it to the middle.

The system will show you. Where is the middle, so just move it and there you go and I’ll center. You can change the font, you can add effects like shadow and stuff. Also nice, I’ll, make text bigger. Now let’s edit.

This text box here you can also change the design so choose this. One can also added text. So let’s. Write …, I’ll, also make it center, maybe make it smaller. I can also change the font that looks nice and I can also have an effect if I want, if not, I can just close it.

You can also add social links here. You just click on it twice and it pops a window and just going to delete Google + and Twitter because i’m, not gonna add them. In this case, I’m, going to add only facebook, so I’ll, just click on it and then click here and I’ll just Paste.

My facebook page URL here just take it from here and paste it here. I want it to open in a new window, I’ll click done and again, and that’s. It now let’s, set the sign up form and make it look better, so just click twice to edit it and it asks you for your email address.

Now. You should write your email to receive sign up notifications. This is the disadvantage of this tool. Wix does not integrate with mailchimp, so you’ll, just need to add them manually in MailChimp each time .

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