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This amazing four tier affiliate program from prime xbt, which is more than just a crypto currency trading platform, because you can trade many different assets. I will go over all of that in just one second, okay, and if you don’t know, we also have an app in the Google Play Store that is currently number one in the world for the keyword affiliate and today’s.

I’m, going to be going over prime xbt, the platform and the affiliate program. So what makes it so different than most cryptocurrency platforms out? There is not only can you trade cryptocurrency, you can also trade in leveraged trade on gold, crude oil, commodities, indices, Forex, etc.

Okay, so they have way more markets than the average cryptocurrency platform, and on top of that, you can have an anonymous account because they do not do any kyc, which is absolutely amazing for your privacy and your security.

Okay. So you don’t have to upload any ID or any of that nonsense. You literally sign up and you’ll, be able to trade, and you can get your affiliate link in under one minute. Okay, no verification! None of that nonsense! Okay and here the different markets that you can trade in trade, cryptocurrency indexes Forex and commodities, and I’ll.

Show you a few examples. So if you want to trade, Bitcoin aetherium, like coin ripple oil, the S & amp, P, 500, the Nasdaq, the Japan, the US dollar, the Euro, etc, etc. You can do that all here, which is really really cool, and I think they allow you to trade crypto up to 100 X.

However, on Forex you can trade up to a thousand X, which is absolutely mind-blowing. You can see the on Trustpilot, for the most part are very, very, very positive, and this is their affiliate program.

They actually have two different programs that will go over the first one with you. This pays out 50 % of the trading fees up to four different tiers. So let me go ahead and show you guys how that works.

So someone somebody does it trade. The platform is gonna, take a small amount and then they’re gonna give 50 % of that trading fee to the affiliates. So if you refer a trader and they trade and they make a trade, you’re gonna make 20 %.

If you refer an affiliate who refers traders and make 15 %. If you refer an affiliate that refers an affiliate that refers a trader, you’re gonna make 10 %, and if you refer an affiliate that refers an affiliate that refers an affiliate that refers a trader.

You’re gonna make 5 %, so this goes four tiers. So, basically, if you combine all those tiers together, they’re, taking the 50 % Commission from the trading fee and they’re splitting them up to four tiers.

So it looks something like this. So if this is you and you invite all these different affiliates, you know you’re gonna be making money all the way down four tiers, which is really really cool, usually in the affiliate industry.

You only see two tier max. This is the first four tier affiliate program I’ve ever seen, so I’m, very excited to share it with you guys, and this company is fairly new and people have already made you know almost half a million dollars through the Affiliate network, they also have a CPA, so they will pay you per acquisition of the users.

Of course, the users have to trade, a certain amount. You know if somebody just signs up: they’re, not going to send you money there’s requirements to the CPA program and I think the CPA program you actually have to be approved, but this program, if you just create an account, You’ll automatically, have your link for the four tier, but with the CPA, one you can get paid anywhere from $ 40 to $ 1,250 for every qualified trader you introduced to the prime xbt platform, okay, so this is also a very good program.

It looks like they’re, looking for professional affiliates resource owners, bloggers influencers with more than 5k subscribers or followers, and also private individuals. Okay, now let me go ahead and show you the platform itself.

So when you log in its gonna look like this a pretty typical trading platform, you’re gonna see all the different markets over here that you can trade. They also have something called turbo trading. If you want to bet on very short intervals that something is going to go up or down in a very small amount of time, you can use the turbo platform.

They also show you some tutorials when you first click it. So you can learn a lot more about it. I’m, not gonna go into all the details in this video. The other thing that is very, very cool is the co vesting platform.

So I haven’t seen this yet. Basically, what this is is think of it like a syndicate there’s, a guy named scalper one or a group of people, and they are the ones making the trades in. In the last 200 days, they have made a thousand percent a thousand twenty-nine percent profit about eleven point: nine percent a day.

Two hundred thirty one investors are investing in the syndicate and the total equity they have is thirty-two bitcoins. So, okay, so about three hundred thousand dollars in their syndicate with between two hundred thirty one investors and they have made a lot of money.

So far, so you can check out all the different Cove esters and if you don’t want to be doing trading on a daily basis. You can join one of these co, vesting teams, okay, they also have an analysis section where they hook up with the charts from trading view.

So you can come here and you can do technical analysis on the platform very easily without leaving the website, and if we go to account we can see some basic information about our account and then we can click, affiliate earnings and you can see right here.

You will have your link. I just listed the program really really recently within the last day or two and I’ve already had two people sign up. I think when I post this video, I will have a lot lot more sign up, but I’m trying to build a big 4 tier affiliate Network and I highly recommend you guys do it too, before this platform is super super big, it’s already 19,000 on Alexa, so it’s already growing insanely fast.

I highly recommend you guys get into it now and you start promoting it now before it gets too late and everybody has already signed up and it’s. Really hard to sign up new people. Ok, so I think this affiliate program is absolutely amazing.

It’s, so cool that it’s, four tiers. I think it will be super successful and I think more companies will start adding two three. Four tier affiliate programs, because they see the network of the network effect of the affiliates doing it like this way and if you guys found this video helpful, make sure to LIKE comment subscribe and make sure to check out my website affiliate, dot, watch and I will Leave all the links down below and I hope you guys have an amazing rest of the day.

Peace out.

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